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Barn Owl Survey ScreenshotYou can now report your Barn Owl sites and sightings (both dead and alive) anywhere in the UK, online. is a project of the Barn Owl Trust launched on 1st May 2013.

With an Identification Guide to check that the bird or the signs you saw really were Barn Owl, you can report where, when and what you saw. The site map will give you a 10 figure map reference and latitude, longitude and elevation for your sighting.

By creating a unique logon you can return to the site and review your records at any time.

David Ramsden MBE, Head of Conservation at the Barn Owl Trust said “The new website makes it really easy for people to report Barn Owl sightings, roosts and nest sites. Receiving reports from the public is an important part of our population monitoring and allows us to target our conservation work to where it is most needed”.

With Barn Owl numbers being so low most people will never see one of these wonderful birds in the wild. But for those that are lucky, this site provides an opportunity to record exactly where and when you saw the owl and what it was doing. was built for the Trust by