Do you qualify for a free Barn Owl nestbox?

Do you qualify for a Free Nestbox Installation and On-site Habitat Advice?

Tree Nestbox On Plastic HangersIn certain circumstances and if sufficiently resourced to do so, the Barn Owl Trust will erect a Barn Owl nestbox on your site at our expense.

The following criteria will be used:

  1. Your site is in Devon, East or North Cornwall, or West Dorset and not located within 1km of a motorway, dual carriageway, or similar fast major road,
  2. AND; You have a building or tree that is suitable for a nestbox (please email us photographs for confirmation),
  3. AND one or more of the following:
  • Either: You currently have nesting Barn Owls (or they have nested recently) and the nest site has;
    • recently been lost/become unsafe/unsuitable,
    • Suitable Positions Barn Owl Indoor Nestboxes or will be lost by the next breeding season,
    • or the nest is unsafe and owlets have repeatedly fallen from the nest,
  • Or; You have had one or more Barn Owls roosting regularly for several months and there is no suitable nesting place,
  • Or; You manage or are willing to create and thereafter maintain at least 5 acres of good foraging habitat (rough tussocky grassland with a litter layer averaging 7cm deep),
  • Or; You are actively part of a significantly large community project/plan that promotes land use which has the potential to benefit Barn Owls,
  • Or; You are already in, or are in the process of applying for, an agri-environment scheme that benefits Barn Owls, you are claiming the cost of a nestbox, and are happy to forward that sum to us.

Indoor Barn Owl Nestbox Erection 16From a conservation perspective these scenarios are a priority for the Barn Owl Trust. Action here can have a direct and immediate impact on Barn Owl survival and boost their numbers in a local area.

To apply for a Free Nestbox and On-site Habitat Advice please email, with photographs of your building/chosen tree, and surrounding habitat.

We can also erect Barn Owl nestboxes within the above geographical area for a fee. Please contact us for a quote.