Webcam troubleshooting

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Webcam Troubleshooting Barn Owl Trust BarncamApologies for any technical difficulties you may experience whilst trying to view the webcams. Please check the latest Nestcam Diary for updates.

Funds available to maintain this service are very limited and pro-active conservation (rather than image streaming) will always be our top priority. Please remember that we are a very small charity trying to satisfy thousands of non-paying viewers on a shoe-string budget. This is in addition to all the practical conservation work we undertake. Thank you for being patient, we’re doing our best!

Barn Owl webcam technical troubleshooting

If there’s no image at all on either Nestcam or Barncam, then there’s a technical fault. There could be three possible problems;

  • Live webcam stream.
  • Your own computer.
  • Your own internet connection.

Live webcam stream problems

Webcam Troubleshooting Barn Owl Trust NestcamSometimes the image goes through phases of ‘dropping out’ (going black) repeatedly for no obvious reason. The images are streamed from a remote farm via a somewhat unreliable internet connection to WildlifeTV (who kindly provide the cameras and images free of charge). This is most likely at times of high demand when, for example, the eggs are hatching or the owlets are learning to fly.

Try clicking “refresh” (the small button with an arrow on your toolbar). If we have managed to restart the stream then the live webcam image will reappear. If not, sorry! Please check the Nestcam Diary for technical issue updates and try again later.

If you still can’t get an image there may be hardware problems with the set-up at the farm. Over the years we’ve had frequent computer ‘crashes’, malfunctions, power downs and even a lightning strike, which frazzled two cameras, some cable and a card in the computer! If this is the case, please be patient, we’re doing our best to fix the issue. There may be a delay in getting this sorted however if we have to find time in the diary and/or raise funds for the repairs beforehand.

Your own computer problems

Have you tried viewing the webcam stream on another computer? On a newer and more powerful computer than your own? Having a slow computer processor or not very much Random Access Memory (RAM) can cause problems with freezing as the computer cannot process the images as fast as they are being delivered.

Adobe Flash Player: To view the webcams you will need the latest version of Adobe Flash Player enabled on the browser you use – older versions may not work well and may not be secure. You can download and enable the latest version from the Adobe website here: Flash Player help. Flash is becoming obsolete and may not be supported at all for very much longer.

Browser: It’s also possible that problems may be caused by the browser you are using. You could try updating your browser or using a different one (such as Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox).

Microsoft Windows: Your operating system – such as Windows 10 – may also affect your viewing capabilities. Check that your operating system is updated and enabled to work with Flash Player: Flash Player help.

Your own internet connection problems

Have you tried viewing the webcam stream from another computer connected to a faster internet connection? You can find out your own connection speed by visiting Ideally the speed should be above 1 Mbps. If it’s lower than that, the stream is likely to freeze as it can’t be supplied to you fast enough and keeps having to pause to catch up.

If you suspect that your internet connection or computer might be the problem then you will need to follow up accordingly with your own IT support person (sorry – but we cannot provide help with these issues). If it’s not a problem with your own set-up please check this year’s Nestcam Diary for technical issue updates.

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