About our owl cams

Go to Wildlife TV and click on Nestcam and Barncam

owl_cams_webcam_wildlifetv_home_pageWe currently have two live Barn Owl webcams on a farm in Cornwall (UK). Wild Barn Owls often nest in a specially designed Barn Owl Trust nestbox there. Nestcam is a close up view inside the nestbox and Barncam is a view of the same nestbox from inside the barn.

The birds are wild and free to fly anywhere they like, so won’t be visible all the time. If they’re not visible when you look at the cameras, please pop back later for another visit. Most activity takes place at dawn or dusk or during the night.

Follow the owls’ progress with our Barn Owl Webcam Diary.

How to get to our Barn Owl webcams

Go to the Web Broadcasting Corporation Website WildlifeTV and then click the Barn Owl photo for whichever webcam you want to view. Wildlife TV kindly provides both the cameras and the images to the Trust free of charge.

owl_cams_webcamWatch owlets growing up

Wild Barn Owls have been nesting at this site since 1994 and most years they have been successful. However, please be aware that they are wild birds and we are not in control of what happens to them. It is natural for some of the eggs to fail and some of the nestlings to die and we cannot be held responsible for this.

See the Nesting and Owlet identification and ageing pages for more information.

owl_cams_ webcamBarn Owl Trust Webcam emails

We now have a dedicated email address for all correspondence regarding our owl webcams. Please email nestcam@nullbarnowltrust.org.uk for all webcam-related comments. Thank you.

About our cameras and lights

A light sensitive switch, which turns a small LED on when the sun comes up at dawn, was fitted in winter 2014. It also turns the LED off when it gets dark, which is when the infra-red lamp comes on. So, from the owls’ point of view, it’s light during the day (when it’s light anyway) and dark at night (because they can’t see infra-red light). We fitted the light in the winter when they weren’t nesting – a licence was therefore not required.
Read more about the legal aspects of setting up and maintaining nest cameras.

Webcam Technical Problems

Sometimes the webcam connection can be unreliable. Check our Nestcam Diary for up to date news. We’ll do our best to reinstate the image as soon as we can but it might not happen immediately due to pressure of work. Please be patient, we’re doing our best.

If you can’t view any cams at all then please try visiting our Webcam troubleshooting page for help.