Baley’s New Home

1At the beginning of February 2016, we demolished ‘Baley’s’ aviary along with another one that was going to be replaced later in the year. Jaz worked closely with Mark – a placement student to create the block work base, paint it and build the wooden frame. Wire mesh was re-used to make the sides and the roof along with sheeting to provide shelter for the resident owls. After lots of hard work, along with the help of Poppy the dog, Baley’s Aviary is now complete.

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Ambios students from Portugal, Hungary, Spain and the UK came along on two days to help us board the larger aviary.  This is a great example of collaboration between conservation groups and within Europe. There is still a little bit of work to be done on this aviary to complete it but hopefully, Hazel and Valentine will enjoy their new home. Baley was moved into his new aviary on the 3rd of August and seems to be enjoying it!

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