Annual Grand Prize Draw

Barn Owl Day out Grand Draw Winners 2014First prize-winner Grand Draw Margaret, a long-time supporter of the Trust, was delighted to collect her prize and brought her friend, Pamela, to share her ‘Day with the Conservation Team’.

Margaret said: “I have never won a prize on a raffle before so I was over the moon when I found out I had won. I love all animals and birds, and Pamela and I support a few animal charities. To see the work that the Barn Owl Trust does was truly wonderful.

We didn’t know what to expect and certainly didn’t realise how far we would go (up to North Devon)! We visited two monitoring sites with David and Jo and enjoyed a lovely lunch at the Church Inn in West Down in the middle of them. The first site we unfortunately couldn’t get across to (walking through the maize crop) but the second site we drove right up to and we were lucky enough to find a brood of four owlets and the female.

We got to hold the owlets while David ringed them. To hold a Barn Owl chick was something I never envisaged I would ever do. We enjoyed everything and had a grand day from beginning to end. Everyone was so lovely that we met; A marvellous, marvellous day”.

Pamela added: “I’m so glad she took me!”

“A grand day out…buy lots of draw tickets this year and you may also be able to enjoy an excellent first prize!”

Don’t forget to buy your Prize Draw tickets this year for a chance to win one of our great prizes, including your very own ‘Day with the Conservation Team’.

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