Ali’s Challenge

Ali Ramsden GWR Oct 2016

Photos: Jake Ramsden

Congratulations to Ali Ramsden who just completed the Great West Run and raised over £900 for the Trust! This was Ali’s first half-marathon; she has been training for months and is the first person to use the ‘BT mydonate’ website to raise funds for us. She completed the course in 2hrs 28 minutes.

Last week Ali sent a message to her supporters: “I just wanted to a say a huge thank you to everyone who has sponsored me through my online page and by direct donations to the Barn Owl Trust.  It looks like I am just shy of raising £500.00 which is just incredible and a huge motivator for Sunday, I will do my very best to run as fast as I can for you all!”

Well done Ali, we are all very proud of you. We hope the fact that we now know you have raised over £900 to support the Barn Owl Trust will help to compensate for your aching legs.

You can make a donation to increase Ali’s total by visiting her ‘mydonate’ page or by making a donation here and putting Ali as the ‘Reason for donation’.

Ali GWR Medal Oct 16

Ali has been training with a team at work and each of them have kept a blog about their experience, here is Ali’s last blog before her run:

“It’s the final countdown 

And breathe….

At last we have made it to the week before the event, and according to the latest email from the Great West Run team we ‘should now begin to taper…training and take it easy over the coming week.’  On the one hand this is a welcome message, but on the other panic sets in.  Shouldn’t I try and get as many miles in as I can this week?  What if I haven’t done enough training?  Shall I try and increase my speed?  But no, the message is very much, take it easy, let your muscles rest, be confident in what you have achieved over the past 14 weeks and most importantly; look after yourself.

At the beginning of my blog I wrote ‘I have no idea’ but I’m pleased to say I get it now, all of the hours of training, the long weekend runs versus the week day training exercises, I understand the importance of a mixed training schedule, listening to your body and remaining positive when it all seems a little bit too much.

The past week I have been in a lot of pain and may have been over doing it, but after skipping a run in the week, I managed my last 6 miles today and now it’s time to relax.  I have trained my legs and now I just need to train my mind that I can do this, I will do this and my number one achievement is just to get around the 13.1 mile route.

A huge thank you in advance to Paul and everyone at the Sports Park for their encouragement and advice, to the rest of the team for smiling and saying ‘it will be ok’ at times when I wanted to give up and most importantly to my family, friends and colleagues for listening to me talk about the ins and outs of every mile (it will be over soon I promise!).

Good luck to everyone taking part in the Great West Run and to anyone who is reading this and thinking whether to give it a go, at this stage, one week beforehand, I would say go for it… next week may be a different story!”

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