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About our Wildlife Diary

The 26 acre Lennon Legacy Project was purchased in 2001 with a generous legacy from the late Vivien Lennon.

This unique nature reserve includes part of the River Ashburn which runs through a woodland valley, on the edge of Dartmoor in Devon, where the Barn Owl Trust offices are based. Creating rough grassland, re-creating hedge banks, planting an orchard, building a wildlife tower and stone banks, plus two wildlife ponds has hugely increased the biodiversity of this varied landscape.

The Wildlife Diary began in January 2007 and each year has a monthly record of some of the events and happenings at the time – new species recorded, practical work carried out, weather conditions – all accompanied by photos. Select your year and scroll down through December to January to enjoy our year in nature.

You can experience the LLP wildlife haven by coming along to one of our Seasonal Guided Walks or a Barn Owl Trust Talk hosted in our Meeting Room. See our Events Diary for details.
(Booked events only – the project is not open to visitors at other times.)

Read the full Lennon Legacy Project story.

More photos from the Lennon Legacy Project: