A new name for Seymour

Earlier this month we asked you all to suggest a new name for Seymour the Barn Owl, as ‘he’ turned out to be female. As Seymour came to us as an owlet, we had to wait until it had matured a little to be sure of the sex. About 90% of Barn Owls can be sexed by their feathers. Males tend to be paler and females tend to have a buff coloured area around the throat and spots on their flank.

After much deliberation we have chosen the name Audrey as in the film ‘Little Shop of Horrors’. In the film the character of Seymour falls in love with a character named Audrey. Thank you to Gill Shepston and Alice Kate for both suggesting the name via our facebook page.

As some of you may know, Audrey came to us via Seymour Vets with a fractured wing. The results of her most recent X-ray was not promising, and it is unlikely that she will be releasable, although we haven’t completely given up hope yet. Today we tried her out in a flight aviary for the first time, but unfortunately, the results were less than encouraging. We will keep you up-to-date with her progress.


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