10,000 likes for the Barn Owl Trust

FB LogoThe Barn Owl Trust Facebook page reaches 10,000 likes!

As of January 2017 we have reached a milestone with our Facebook page hitting 10,000 likes. This is amazing for the Trust and Barn Owls alike. Our Facebook page has…

…assisted with reducing the amount of Barn Owls that contain rat poison through petition

…raised awareness of the plight of Barn Owls in the UK

…equipped us with a way to engage with our supporters and followers

…allowed us to advertise our events and courses to help raise money for Barn Owls

Twitter Logo White On Blue…given our supporters an idea of what goes on at the Trust

…given us another way to contact our supporters and answer enquiries.

Thank you to all our supporters, however you follow us.


You can follow us on Facebook: @BarnOwlTrust

Or Twitter: @barnowltrust – where we have an amazing 31,000+ followers…

YouTube Logo Full ColorOr YouTube: BarnOwlTrust – where you can watch our lovely Barn Owl videos…Pinterest Badge

And Pinterest: Barn Owl Trust – where we share some gorgeous Barn Owl photos 😀

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