10 All-New Barn Owl Conservation Videos!

The Barn Owl Trust is proud to announce the release of 10 new instructional videos on Barn Owl conservation.
These videos have been designed to give members of the public and all involved with Barn Owl conservation an invaluable visual reference source.

We noticed an absence of useful Barn Owl material on YouTube. We searched for ‘how to create Barn Owl habitat’ or ‘how to pick up an injured owl’ and nothing came up. We tried ‘how to prevent owls drowning’ and ‘how to erect an owl box in a barn’ – and, nothing – no useful information at all. So we decided to do something about it!

We hope you enjoy watching these short films. Please share them far and wide!

1. How to create and manage Barn Owl foraging habitat (UK)

2. How to choose the best Barn Owl nestbox design

3. How to build a Barn Owl nestbox for inside a building

4. How to erect a Barn Owl nestbox in a building

5. How to build a Barn Owl nestbox for a tree

6. How to choose the best tree for a Barn Owl nestbox

7. How to erect a Barn Owl nestbox in a tree

8. How to prevent owls from drowning

9. How to pick up and examine an injured owl

10. How to rehydrate and feed a starving owl

The project began back in March 2016 and filming continued throughout the entire year through to April 2017. The amount of organisational effort required to make it all happen was considerable and quite often complicated by the vagaries of the weather, in some cases the birds, and the logistics of coordinating multiple staff and landowner consents.

Particular attention was paid to the detail of the ten ‘How to’ films because they depict lots of things that directly impact the welfare and survival of the birds. The issues around human Health and Safety were also treated most carefully given the inherent dangers of many of the activities portrayed and the pervading culture of blame and litigation. One particularly novel aspect was our first use of an aerial drone for filming habitats and landscapes which will hopefully give the viewer an owl’s-eye view of the countryside.

We are keen to acknowledge significant funding received from the Ernest Kleinwort Charitable Trust along with contributions from the Tanner Trust, PF Charitable Trust, Chapman Charitable Trust, The Ratcliff Foundation, Alice Noakes Charitable Trust, the Cobalt Trust, and the William Dean Trust, who between them have covered the cost of engaging our fantastic production company Hill Tribe Media. Grateful thanks to everyone involved.

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