Wildlife Diary 2017

This Wildlife Diary began in 2007 and is a monthly report from the Trust’s  land which is managed for Barn Owls and other wildlife. It is known as the Lennon Legacy Project or LLP: Transforming intensively grazed sheep pasture into Barn Owl Heaven’.

Managing the land for Barn Owls has created habitat for a wonderful array of native plants and flowers, insects, butterflies birds and mammals. Each year has a monthly record of some of the events and happenings at the time. Scroll down through December to January to view new species recorded, practical work carried out, weather conditions – all accompanied by pictures – enjoy.

January 2017

LLP Fox [David Ramsden]The New Year arrived damp, windy and mild. On the 3rd our grazier brought in an additional Belted Galloway cow and younger calf, bringing our herd to six cows and six calves now. There is still plenty of grass for the voles, so the cattle will stay until at least the end of the month. We met a fox hunting for voles at midday on the 3rd.

The area of Corner Wood where all the Bluebells flower, was strimmed on the 6th to clear it of saplings ready for the spring. A couple of days later the old wasps’ nest was removed from the Tawny Owl nestbox in Corner Wood.

On the 10th two of our wonderful volunteers, Kim and Tony, were venturing into the orchard when one of them saw a flash of blue disappear into the trees above the river Ashburn. Cursory inspection of the Kingfisher Wall showed signs of excavation around several of the holes in the sand/cement-filled pipes. Despite this very exciting development the trail camera that was set-up immediately afterwards, hadn’t recorded any additional activity by the 12th. Nevertheless, this is a great sign and bodes well for the early spring when nest cavities tend to be prepared in earnest.

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