Nestcam Diary 2017

To see our live Barn Owl webcams please go to WildlifeTV and click the Barn Owl photo for Barncam or Nestcam. Wildlife TV kindly provides the cameras and images free to the Trust.

March 2017

24th – still no sign of the female overnight, although the male did put in an appearance in the barn briefly a couple of times.

23rd – although the male was present until about half past 6 last night, there have been no sightings since. The female doesn’t appear to have been seen since just before midnight on the 21st.

22nd – after a rough old night of strong winds and heavy rain, both the barn and nestbox were empty for the first time in many weeks until late afternoon when the male appeared.

17th – still more copulation this morning at about 9.45am.

8th – although both cameras have been working in recent days, there have apparently been brief periods of outage, and periods when the cameras appear to be out of sync with each other. This is almost certainly to do with lack of bandwidth at trying to stream two cameras simultaneously at a remote and isolated location a long way from the telephone exchange. Unfortunately, these are things we can’t do anything about.

6th – after a pretty rough couple of days weather-wise over the weekend the pair is at roost in the nestbox or on the tray this afternoon.

3rd – more copulation was observed last night.

1st – the pair is still on the tray this morning.

February 2017

Barn Owl Webcam Barncam Screenshot 27th February 201727th – as the month draws to a close the pair is still roosting together, this afternoon sitting on the tray of the nest box viewable via Barncam.

21st – the pair is roosting on the tray of the nestbox this morning.

8th – some activity overnight, but only one individual at roost on the back beam visible via Barncam this afternoon.

2nd – despite frequent bouts of copulation, much screeching and quite a bit of interest in the camera over recent days, there appears to be only one Barn Owl at roost in the barn today.

January 2017

26th – . . . but not for long it would seem. Apparently the pair was ‘at it’ again last night, and the female was actively scraping the debris at midday today.

25th – although still roosting together during the day, it would appear that the recent sub-zero temperatures may have cooled the pair off as anticipated . . .

18th – more copulation apparently occurred overnight. We’re not expecting this to necessarily result in imminent egg-laying, as other expected behaviours, such as the female virtually never leaving the nestbox, the pair roosting together during the day, and (often) a food cache of uneaten small mammals, is currently lacking.

Barn Owl Webcam Nestcam Screenshot 12th January 201712th – both birds are in and around the nestbox today. At just before 2pm this afternoon the female had a vigorous bout of scratching the debris underfoot, and some shredding of pellets took place.

9th – more copulation in the early hours this morning, with the female scratching at the debris and shredding pellets. Perhaps the forecast ‘arctic blast’ will cool them off.

6th – the first reports of copulation were received, perhaps the result of the mild weather of recent weeks.

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