Nestcam Diary 2017

To see our live Barn Owl webcams please go to WildlifeTV and click the Barn Owl photo for Barncam or Nestcam. Wildlife TV kindly provides the cameras and images free to the Trust.

January 2017

18th – more copulation apparently occurred overnight. We’re not expecting this to necessarily result in imminent egg-laying, as other expected behaviours, such as the female virtually never leaving the nestbox, the pair roosting together during the day, and (often) a food cache of uneaten small mammals, is currently lacking.

Barn Owl Webcam Nestcam Screenshot 12th January 201712th – both birds are in and around the nestbox today. At just before 2pm this afternoon the female had a vigorous bout of scratching the debris underfoot, and some shredding of pellets took place.

9th – more copulation in the early hours this morning, with the female scratching at the debris and shredding pellets. Perhaps the forecast ‘arctic blast’ will cool them off.

6th – the first reports of copulation were received, perhaps the result of the mild weather of recent weeks.

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