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The Barn Owl Trust

Conserving the Barn Owl and its Environment

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Our Work

Visits to primary schools and youth groups


What we do...


The Barn Owl Trust visits schools and youth groups as part of its educational work. We recognise that the children of today are the adults of tomorrow and keeping this in mind we have created a unique educational presentation to help capture the imagination of children through a story entitled "Wings of Change". Lasting between 35 and 60 minutes, the story focuses on the history of Barn Owls on one farm from the end of the Second World War.


About the Story

Presented by a member of our conservation team, the "Wings of Change" story comes to life in the classroom using a pictorial demonstration. As the story unfolds, the reasons for landscape changes and their effects on wildlife are described using the Barn Owl as a focus. The story uses a holistic and cross-curricular approach, including aspects of history, local geography, ecology, agriculture, mathematics and economics.

Wings of Change 2008
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The story can be adapted to suit children between ages five to fourteen and special needs groups, but it is particularly suitable for children age seven to ten. The visit can be used to enhance class projects such as food and farming, countryside, food chains etc. The presentation is interactive, providing opportunities for children to ask questions. Each visit is finished with the appearance of a tame captive-bred Barn Owl, giving the children a chance to see a live bird at close quarters.

If you have any specific topics you would like a visit to encorporate, do get in touch and we will see what we can arrange!



The Trust also produces a DVD entitled "Wings of Change" and a "Wings of Change" schools pack to accompany the visit, which is particularly useful for children of five to ten years (key stages 1 and 2 and middle school). Both are available to purchase through our online shop.


Booking a visit

The Trust gives these talks throughout Devon, Cornwall, Dorset and Somerset. Please telephone our office to discuss details such as available dates and costs. Please try to book the visit as far in advance of your preferred date as possible.


The Barn Owl Trust has worked to make the ‘Wings of Change' experience a positive way of bringing conservation and environmental awareness to children. The aim is to help them appreciate, enjoy and learn to conserve their world.

"This is Environmental Education at its very best" (The Times Educational Supplement).

Further information is available on the Educational Resources Leaflet No. 40.


Pellet analysis

The analysis of pellets provides detailed information about the diet of individual Barn Owls. This can be of particular interest in the study of food chains and predator-prey relationships. Please let us know if you would like Barn Owl pellets for analysis and we will endeavour to satisfy your request.


The Barn Owl Trust is dedicated to conservation & education and does not operate a visitor centre.
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