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The Barn Owl Trust

Conserving the Barn Owl and its Environment

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Information & Downloads

General information

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Further Reading. This leaflet lists books (both for adults and younger readers) on Barn Owls and related subjects.

Colouring-in Sheet. An introduction to the Barn Owl for younger readers.
Adopt a Barn Owl. By adopting a Barn Owl you will be helping to support one special bird but you will also be helping us to continue our vital conservation work to create a brighter future for all Barn Owls. At our sanctuary we provide a home for captive-bred birds that are too tame to be released and also, some wild Barn Owls that come here recover sufficiently to be released back into their natural habitat but other birds are unable to survive in the wild mainly as a result of road traffic accidents or injuries sustained from barbed wire fences and overhead cables. We house these birds in large aviaries, provide them with food, shelter, medical attention if required and a quiet life. A year's adoption costs less than 60p per week - but to the Barn Owl, your help is priceless.

Barn Owls Need Friends. You can support our work by becoming a Friend of the Barn Owl Trust. Friends receive a personalised pack containing Barn Owl information, a poster, a badge, and a car sticker, plus our annual report and two editions a year of our 16 page newsletter Feedback full of pictures and stories. Children can become Owlets and they receive a goody bag and their own personal ID cards. Donations from Friends go directly into supporting our conservation, education, research and information work.


Sales Goods. The Barn Owl Trust sells a range of owly goodies. You can order these through our on-line shop.

Educational Resources. This leaflet is about the Trust's education work. It lists the things we do for children, students and adults, from school visits and school packs to workshops, slide shows and specialist presentations.
Hedgehog Box. This leaflet provides a brief description of the British hedgehog and its habits and includes details of a box suitable for the release and feeding of hedgehogs.

Feedback. Back issues of our bi-annual, 16-page newsletter full of pictures and stories.

Find out more about the Trust by reading our16-page newsletter Feedback. The oldest available issue, 38, was printed in autumn 2007 and features the Lennon Legacy Project Diary.

Each issue features Trust news, pictures and is an introduction (or an update) to the work of the organisation. With contributions from staff, volunteers and Barn Owl workers and enthusiasts from around the world this archive collection of our bi-annual newsletter will give you a glimpse of life at the Barn Owl Trust.

Feedback 39 is an International issue with conservation news from around the world.

Feedback 40 - a special 20 page 20th Anniversary Issue with colour cover and potted history of the Barn Owl Trust.

Feedback 41 follows the building of our new owl hospital along with lots of other Barn Owl news.

Feedback 42 – Radio tracking in the UK and Hungary.

Feedback 43 – Includes Kleptoparasitism and Barn Owls and snow

Feedback 44 – Our very own Wildlife Tower

Feedback 45 – The arrival of 43 Tawnies & 2 Barn Owls

Feedback 46 – Our new Meeting Room, the Memory Tree and the Barn Owl Conservation Handbook

Feedback 47 – What to do if you find an owl





The Barn Owl Trust is dedicated to conservation & education and does not operate a visitor centre.
Barn Owl Trust staff and volunteers
Waterleat, Ashburton, Devon TQ13 7HU
+44 (0) 1364 653026