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The Barn Owl Trust

Conserving the Barn Owl and its Environment

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Information & Downloads

Other Barn Owl information

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Survey techniques. This leaflet tells you about local Barn Owl surveys and standard search procedures. It can help you to spot evidence of occupation and provides some background on Barn Owls and the law. For in-depth advice on site searches and "reading the signs" please refer to Chapter 4 of our new publication Barn Owl Conservation Handbook: a comprehensive guide for ecologists, surveyors, land managers and ornithologists (published June 2012). For specific training on survey techniques, please enquire about our Barn Owl Ecology, Surveys and Signs course.


Feeding Barn Owls. This leaflet provides information on food for wild or captive Barn Owls. It explains what food to use, where to obtain it, dietary supplements and some safety and hygiene precautions.


Rings and Ringing. This leaflet is about the various types of rings which may be fitted to Barn Owls, what they look like, and why they are used.


Pellet Analysis. This leaflet provides all the information you need to analyse wild Barn Owl pellets and identify the remains in order to determine the birds' diet. It is only suitable for use in identifying prey species from mainland Britain.


Sexing Barn Owls. This leaflet compares the feather markings of male and female (British) Barn Owls and describes how best to sex individuals at very close quarters or in the hand.

About the Barn Owl. this leaflet describes the appearance, habits and life-cycle of this beautiful bird and the problems that it faces.
Site Assessment Service. This leaflet describes a professional service offered by the Barn Owl Trust. A detailed on-site assessment is often required where a planned development may effect resident owls and advice on appropriate mitigation measures is required.
The Barn Owl Trust is dedicated to conservation & education and does not operate a visitor centre.
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