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The Barn Owl Trust

Conserving the Barn Owl and its Environment

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Webcam troubleshooting


Click here for How to get to our webcams.

Apologies for any technical difficulties you’ve been experiencing recently whilst trying to view the webcams.

Funds available to maintain this service are very limited and pro-active conservation (rather than image streaming) will always be our top priority. Please remember that we are a very small charity trying to satisfy thousands of non-paying viewers with only shoe-string resources at our disposal and trying to do so in addition to all the practical conservation work we undertake.

(Note: If you would like to cover the cost of us consulting a Live Video-streaming Expert, please do let us know!). In the meantime, please accept our apologies for any down-time and check this year's Nestcam Diary for technical issue updates.

Barn Owl Webcam Technical Troubleshooting:

If there's no image at all on either Nestcam or Barncam, then a technical fault is to blame.

There are three possibilities - the problem may be with the live webcam stream itself (especially when there are lots of people watching, such as when the owlets are hatching); the problem may be with your computer; or the problem may be with your Internet Connection.

Problems with the live video stream: Sometimes the image goes through phases of ‘dropping out' (going black) repeatedly for no obvious reason. The images are streamed from a remote farm via a somewhat unreliable Internet connection to the Web Broadcasting Corporation (who kindly provide the cameras and images free of charge.)

Troubleshooting tips:

First, try ‘Refresh': If you are watching the owls and the screen goes black then you could try clicking "refresh" (the small button with two arrows on your toolbar). If we have managed to restart the stream then the live webcam image will reappear. If not: Sorry! Please try again later.

Your Computer: Have you tried viewing the webcam stream on another computer - on a newer and more powerful computer than your own? Having a slow computer processor or not very much Random Access Memory (RAM) can cause problems with freezing as the computer cannot process the images as fast as they are being delivered. Note: Nestcam also has sound so check your computer to ensure that sound is switched on and the volume is up.

Your Internet Connection: Have you tried viewing the webcam stream from another computer which is connected to a faster internet connection? You can test your own connection speed by running a speed test from www.speedtest.net - the speed for the stream to work should be above 1 Mbps. If you are getting lower speed than that, this would cause the stream to freeze as it can't be supplied to you fast enough and keeps having to pause to catch up.

Your Browser: It's possible that problems may be caused by the browser you are using - you could try updating your browser or using a different one, (such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Firefox).

If you suspect that your Internet connection or computer might be the problem then you will need to follow up accordingly with your own IT support person (sorry - but we cannot provide help with these issues).

Get the latest updates with the Barn Owl Webcam Diary.

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