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The Barn Owl Trust

Conserving the Barn Owl and its Environment

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Supporting the Trust

Leaving a legacy

From whiddon

Where there is a Will there is a way....

Legacies have become an extremely important part of our income in recent years and have provided us with the opportunity to lead by example and practice what we preach.

In 2001 we were fortunate to be able to purchase land adjoining our offices with a legacy from Vivien Lennon and to create the lennon Legacy Project. Here we have created areas of natural habitat to benefit many species of flora and fauna.

To increase the biodiversity of the site we have added two large ponds supported by the legacies of Major Charles Oakley (Oakley Pond) and Florence Parsons (Flo Pond). Here is a link to the LLP Ponds slideshow and another one on the right.

Wildlife Tower

In 2010 a Wildlife Tower was erected in memory of John Woodland and is designed for a variety of insects and birds. Our Meeting Room was built in 2011 with a legacy from Norman Alderson and in 2012 we installed a solar panel array with a legacy from Peggy May Fullman, this generates some of the electricity we use and raises funds for the TrustFor more information on how we have used legacies go to our News pages or the Lennon Legacy Project News.

llp flowers

Legacies can also help us to plan ahead for major projects - habitat improvement in areas where Barn Owls are struggling to survive due to lack of food and places to nest; educational resources for both adults and children; research projects to improve our understanding of the species........ the list goes on. There are so many things we'd like to do if the funding were available.

Leaving a legacy to the Trust is a very worthwhile way to make a difference and to be remembered in years to come. This is, after all, a final opportunity to have a positive influence on the heritage we leave for future generations.


Together we can make a world of difference....

There are two ways you can remember the Trust.

Leave a legacy - A legacy is an immediate gift and can be a cash sum or a specific item such as piece of china, an area of land or a building.

Make a residuary bequest - This means that the Barn Owl Trust receives the remainder - or a share of the remainder - of your estate after all the other legacies to family, friends or other charities have been settled.

Your solicitor will be happy to advise you on these different ways in which you can help the Barn Owl Trust. If you've already made a Will you could attach a Codicil (a legal addition) in order to remember Barn Owls.

Memory Tree

Memory Tree

Since 2011 the Trust's Meeting room has provided a home for our Memory Tree. This nine foot wooden tree provides a constant reminder of all those that have remembered the Trust with a legacy or for whom we have received donations in memoriam.

Each wooden leaf bears the name of someone who either chose to support our work by leaving a legacy to the Trust or, of someone whose family and friends made donations in their memory.

Ed MacKerrow flying owl

Donations in Memoriam

Many people now ask their familes and friends to make a donation to charity rather then send flowers at a funeral. You may like to suggest that donations are made to the Barn Owl Trust in your memory.

The Barn Owl Trust is dedicated to conservation & education and does not operate a visitor centre.
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