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The Barn Owl Trust

Conserving the Barn Owl and its Environment

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Info for kids!


Hey kids, take a look at these fab pages!

Barn Owl info for kids - Owl facts, quiz, jokes, kids' art gallery, colouring pages, things to make and more...

Watch one of our short videos - An Introduction to the Barn Owl, Barn Owl Field Signs, Providing a home for Barn Owls, Where do Barn Owls feed?, What is a Barn Owl pellet? and Where to find Barn Owls.

Buy a soft toy owlet - A cute baby Barn Owl in its own little nestbox! Or buy a grown-up Barn Owl cuddly toy

Owl pellet dissection pack - Find out what wild Barn Owls eat by identifying really tiny bones; it's what tiny fingers were made for! Don't worry; a pellet is not a poo!

Beautiful Barn Owl Pictures - Lovely Barn Owl photos, free for personal and educational use.

How about getting your teacher or group leader to invite a Barn Owl to visit? (SW England only) - Our dramatic story-telling session; ‘The Wings of Change' ends with a real Barn Owl flying around your classroom. Cool!

Get the DVD 'The Wings of Change' - Nick Baker of The Really Wild Show (BBC) tells a fascinating Barn Owl story.

Information to help your teacher prepare owl activities - Curriculum ideas for science, literacy and numeracy linked to 'The Wings of Change' story (Including leaflets, activity sheets, DVD/CD's, on-line guides, digital images, owl feathers, owl pellets etc.)

Check out our kids picture gallery - send us yours!

Become an Owlet! Become a junior friend of the Barn Owl Trust, get a great goody pack and help beautiful Barn Owls.

The Barn Owl Trust is dedicated to conservation & education and does not operate a visitor centre.
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