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The Barn Owl Trust

Conserving the Barn Owl and its Environment

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About the Barn Owl

Owl Facts: Test Your Barn Owl IQ!


Owl Facts: Test Your Barn Owl IQ!

How much do you know about Barn Owls? Test your knowledge of Barn Owl Facts.

Do you think that the statements below are: True or False?


Pick a True or False Answer, and then scroll down to look at the Barn Owl Facts below, to find out if you are a Barn Owl Egghead!

1. Owl Sounds: Barn Owls say: "Twit twoo" True or False?

2. What do Owls eat? Barn Owls eat mainly voles, mice and shrews. True or False?

3. Owl Eyes: Barn Owls cannot hunt in total darkness? True or False?

4. Baby Owls: If you find a baby Barn Owl that has fallen from its nest, you should put it back. True or False?

5. Helping Owls: Everyone can do something to help Barn Owls to survive and thrive in the wild. True or False?



Find out if you are A Barn Owl EggHead!

False! Tawny owls hoot - Barn Owls screech! Have a listen to these Owl Recordings: ‘Owl Sounds' - to hear the difference.

2. True: On average, a Barn Owl will eat 4 small mammals each night. Can you work out how many are needed every night, for 2 parents with 4 chicks? Find out more facts about what Owls eat.

3. False! Barn Owls can hunt even on the darkest nights, using their super sensitive hearing! Find out more about How Barn Owls Hunt.

4. True: Read the Barn Owl Trust Information Page (You can download a Leaflet too) ‘What to do if you find a young Barn Owl' to find out how to do this safely.

5. True: Barn Owl Trust Owlets are kids who help the Barn Owl Trust to look after Barn Owls. You can help by telling your friends, family and teachers about lots of ways to help the Barn Owl Trust!

Find out More Barn Owl Facts!

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