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The Barn Owl Trust

Conserving the Barn Owl and its Environment

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About the Barn Owl

About our web cams


About our live Barn Owl Webcams:

We currently have two live Barn Owl webcams on a farm in Cornwall (UK) where wild Barn Owls are nesting in a specially designed Barn Owl Trust nestbox. Nestcam is a close up view of the owls' nest inside the nestbox and Barncam is a view of the nestbox inside the barn. If there’s no owl in either image please wait – these are wild birds which are free to fly anywhere they like - one could fly in at any moment! Most activity takes place at dawn or dusk or during the night.

Wildlife TV kindly provides both the cameras and the images to the Trust free of charge.

If you enjoy watching the live Barn Owl webcams,
please help support the work of the Barn Owl Trust.


How to get to the Barn Owl webcams:

Go to the Web Broadcasting Corporation Website: www.wildlifetv.co.uk/webcams and then click the Barn Owl photo for whichever webcam you want to view.

Nestcam and Barncam icons

Watch Barn Owlets growing up:

Click to see a great video put together by one of our regular Nestcam viewers!

Wild Barn Owls have been nesting at this site since 1994 and most years they have been successful. However, please be aware that they are wild birds and we are not in control of what happens to them! It is natural for some of the eggs to fail and some of the nestlings to die and we cannot be held responsible for this.

Survival and nesting success are largely controlled by food supply and encouraging the creation of prey-rich habitat is one of the most important things that the Barn Owl Trusts does. Hopefully the owls will do really well this year and you'll enjoy watching the parent birds produce eggs, then the owlets hatch and fledge.

More about the annual life cycle of Barn Owls.

P.S. These owls are wild! Consequently they are free to come and go, so may not be in the image at all times. After the young have left the nest, or if the nest fails, you might still see the adult Barn Owls from time to time in and around the nestbox if you're lucky.


Barn Owl Trust Webcams emails:

We now have a dedicated email address for all correspondence regarding our owl webcams so please email nestcam@barnowltrust.org.uk for all webcam-related comments. Thank you.


Webcam Technical Problems:

Sometimes - especially at times of high interest, such as when the owlets are hatching, the webcam connection can be unreliable. Please be patient!

More about Webcam Problems and Troubleshooting Tips.

Follow the owls' progress with the Barn Owl Webcam Diary.

The Barn Owl Trust is dedicated to conservation & education and does not operate a visitor centre.
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