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The Barn Owl Trust

Conserving the Barn Owl and its Environment

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Links to Barn Owl-related websites

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Throughout the following Links pages, most of the links will take you to the websites of organisations that the Barn Owl Trust has some connection with. The rest are either sites we thought you may be interested in, or sites we have to be linked to for some reason!

Rather than just list the links we've added a bit of explanatory text to each one. Of course, we can't be held responsible for content and we don't necessarily endorse the views expressed within these sites. Also, we can't guarantee that the links will always work! Good luck!


Links to groups and individuals involved in Barn Owl monitoring and conservation


Cheshire Barn Owl Groups
Cheshire is blessed with several Barn Owl groups who work in different parts of the county to increase the population of wild Barn Owls through practical conservation and nest box erecting.


Chris Sperring

Chris Sperring has been a Conservation Officer for the Hawk and Owl Trust for many years and was even awarded an MBE for his efforts! As and when needs arise the Barn Owl Trust works closely with the Hawl and Owl Trust and most of our liaison is via Chris Sperring and Barbara Handley.


Herefordshire Barn Owl Group

The Herefordshire Barn Owl Group is involved in the conservation of 3 species of raptor, primarily the barn owl but also little owls and kestrels. Their aim is to provide nestboxes in suitable habitat, working with landowners to improve habitat and to monitor the boxes and ring the juveniles


Barn Owl Project Hampshire

Barn Owl Project Hampshire is a collaborative group of conservationists who are voluntarily building boxes and establishing records in support of the Barn Owl throughout Hampshire. "In collaboration, we are talking to farmers and individuals in an attempt to pool resources, collate feedback and provide boxes, all on a voluntary basis."


Montgomeryshire Barn Owl Group

The Montgomeryshire Barn Owl Group is a team of volunteers working for the conservation of Barn Owls in Montgomeryshire.


Shropshire Barn Owl Group

The Shropshire Barn Owl Group (SBOG) formed in 2002 and works voluntarily to increase the breeding population of barn owls in Shropshire by providing nestboxes in areas of suitable habitat and working with farmers and other landowners to enhance their habitat.


The Wychwood Project

The Wychwood Project aims to raise awareness of the history and heritage of the Royal Hunting Forest of Wychwood (Oxfordshire) and encourages local people to participate in and benefit from restoration, conservation and enhancement of the rich mosaic of landscapes and habitats within the Forest boundaries. The project is involved in practical Barn Owl conservation at Wychwood, whereby they have a nestbox scheme, give advice to landowners and undertake monitoring schemes.


Links to Barn Owl research projects

BTO Project Barn Owl

The British Trust for Ornithology in partnership with the Hawk and Owl Trust carried out the first reliable Barn Owl survey of the UK. The survey (called Project Barn Owl) carried out in the late 1990s produced a population estimate of c.4000 pairs. As this was the first replicable baseline estimate of the Barn Owl population in the UK it is envisaged that the survey will be repeated in future.


Links to Barn Owl nestbox suppliers

The Nestbox Company Ltd

The Nestbox Company is an independent small firm based in Hereford (UK) that sells Outdoor Barn Owl nesting boxes flat-packed by mail order. They consulted us on the box design and we feel that in many situations it's better than the A-frame type box which many people use. A Barn Owl Trust information leaflet is included with each box.


Links related to Barn Owl habitat

The Grasslands Trust

The Grasslands Trust is the only national charity working specifically to protect our wildflower-rich grasslands and needs your help to save what is now Britain's most threatened habitat.


Tean Valley Meadow

Tean Valley Meadow is a nature reserve in Staffordshire. Set up by Sylvia and Alan Williams, who in 2002 set about creating the best Barn Owl habitat possible. They have now produced a DVD telling the story of their success, with the aim of inspiring others to create suitable Barn Owl habitat.


Links to sites with Barn Owl web cams

The Web Broadcasting Corporation

The WBC broadcasts real-time live video from all over the world, via the World Wide Web, for both education and pleasure viewing; they will install, manage, maintain and stream the images from major attractions and places of interest.



Wildlink is run by BBC wildlife film-maker Andrew Cooper and has several webcams including, when the birds are actually nesting (normally April - July), one in a wild Barn Owl nest. Outside the nesting season you can see a selection of still images from previous years.


The Lost Gardens of Heligan

Rediscovered in 1990 the 'Lost Gardens of Heligan' in Cornwall hosts a network of remote wildlife cameras monitor Heligan's native wildlife and transmits a selection of seasonal highlights live to this website including a Barn Owl Cam.


Links to do with Barn Owl pellet analysis

The Mammal Society

The analysis of Barn Owl pellets provides valuable information on the distribution of small mammal species within the UK - this is why the Mammal Society has a National Owl Pellet Survey. The link takes you to copies of reports on the survey results and the page invites you to get involved.


Virtual pellet dissection

A great site for kids to dissect a Barn Owl pellet from the comfort of their own home and without the mess for mum to clear up!


Links to book suppliers


The Natural History Book Service Environment Bookstore has served conservationists, scientists, wildlife enthusiasts and libraries since 1985. Search & browse from the world's largest selection of science and natural history books.


Links to Owl images/artists/photographers

Kevin Keatley - Photographer / Wildlife Watching Supplies

Kevin Keatley created many of the wonderful images on our website. He is a very keen Barn Owl Trust supporter and has been a Trustee since 2010. He first contacted the Trust in 1993 and over the years has taken many hundreds of photographs for us and supplied them entirely free of charge - a wonderful contribution. Kevin's business is called ‘Wildlife Watching Supplies'. If you watch wildlife you really should take a look at his amazing range of products.


Mountain Horizon Photography

Ed MacKerrow of Mountain Horizon Photography has almost 1,000 spectacular photographs of the mountains of the Western USA and the animals and birds that make their home there. The link on the right takes you to a slideshow of a Barn Owl hunting and catching prey in snow. From there you can explore the rest of the site and its amazing images. Ed has also offered to donate 20% of the profits from sales of any of his Barn Owl photographs to the Trust.


Mike Read

Mike Read, a professional wildlife photographer, took some of the really good Barn Owl photographs that we use. He created the beautiful Barn Owl portrait picture on the front cover of our booklet "Barn Owls on Site" as well as the lovely one of the Barn Owl in snow that we use. Mike provides these to the Trust at reduced cost in return for which we invite you to visit his site. Mike has over 1000 Barn Owl and Barn Owl related images (plus over 80,000 other pictures) available for publication projects.


Dick Twinney

Dick Twinney has loved the Westcountry's wildlife and countryside for as long as he can remember. Originally from Devon, he has lived and worked in Cornwall for the last 35 years. He has been a supporter of the Trust since 1989 and we have been able to use his images on our cards and on many other occasions including some images on the web site. Dick has kindly offered Barn Owl Trust Friends a 20% discount on his artwork. Visit Dick Twinney's Wildlife Art gallery.

Dick has donated a colour limited edition Barn Owl print on linen paper to raise funds for the Trust. All of the proceeds from the purchase of this 21 x15 inch print support our Barn Owl conservation work - thank you Dick.


Strix Editions

Wildlife art publisher and keen supporter of the Barn Owl Trust. The Barn Owl Trust sometimes supplies greetings cards by Strix Editions but visit their online shop to see the full range on offer.


Mark Hicken Photography

Mark has a nice looking website with some lovely Barn Owl photographs.


Robert Fuller Art

Robert has some wonderful paintings of Barn Owls, together with greetings cards.


Steve Harber - wildlife photographer

Steve is a wildlife photographer and supporter of the Barn Owl Trust. This links goes to his photos of Birds - Woodland, Field and Garden.


Susan Shimeld - wildlife Artist

Wildlife Artist and Natural History Illustrator. A 20% donation is given to the Trust from sales of her 'Barn Owl' Fine Art Prints and Greetings Cards. To see her work select the link.


Kim Thompson - Artist

Kim Thompson works as both a wildlife artist and illustrator. Please see the link on the right for her beautiful pictures of Barn Owls.



ARKive is the Noah's Ark for the Internet era - a unique global initiative, gathering together into one centralised digital library, films, photographs and audio recordings of the world's species.

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