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The Barn Owl Trust

Conserving the Barn Owl and its Environment

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Webpage directory

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About the Trust

How the Trust started and grew, Our achievements, What we do, The geographical areas we cover,

News and forthcoming events

News, Lennon Legacy Project News, Forthcoming events, Wild thing I love you, News archives

Who's Who

The Trustees, Staff and Volunteers

Green Roots, Organisations we've worked with

About the Barn Owl

Live Barn Owl web cam, Owl Identification, A brief description

Info for kids

Info for kids, Make your own Barn Owl pellet truffles, Make a Barn Owl mobile, How to make a Barn Owl finger puppet, Barn Owl colouring page, Owl Jokes, Owlet games, Owlet picture gallery, How can you help

More detailed descriptive information

Adaptations, Ecological role and foraging behaviour, Optimum habitat in Britain, Pellets, Diet, and predator-prey relationships, Lifestyle, Roosting and nesting places

The annual life-cycle

Spring - nesting, Summer - rearing young, Autumn - dispersal of young, Winter - hardship

Population changes

Factors which determine the overall population level, Reasons for the historical decline, Causes of mortality, Current distribution and numbers, Barn Owl conservation in Britain (who does what)

Our Work

The Trust's work - Conservation

Protection of occupied sites, Habitat advisory, Dealing with planning applications etc, Erecting nestboxes, Prevention of drowning, Rodenticide advisory, Lennon Legacy Project. A true story...

The Trust's work - Rehabilitation and Sanctuary

Live bird emergency calls, Care and rehabilitation, Our sanctuary, a place of peaceful retreat

The Trust's work - Training and Education

Training for ecologists and planners, One-off specialist presentations, Nestbox workshop one-day events, Visits to junior schools and youth groups, Talks to general-interest adult groups, Other educational resources we provide

The Trust's work -
Enquiry Service

The service we provide, Contacting us

The Trust's work - Research and Development

Research and development

Information and Downloads

Getting the Best Barn Owl nestbox for your site, How to choose the best nestbox design, Small stone building for Barn Owls and other wildlife

How to make and erect a Barn Owl nestbox, How to manage land for Barn Owls,

Barn Owl habitat requirements

Barn Owl habitat requirements in arable landscapes, Barn Owl habitat requirements in pastoral landscapes, Barn Owl habitat requirements in mixed landscapes,

Is your local landscape suitable? Entry level stewardship for Barn Owls, Higher level stewardship for Barn Owls, Major roads and Barn Owls, Rodent control and Barn Owls, Barn conversions and other development, What to do if you find a dead or ringed owl, Picking up or receiving a live owl, What to do if you find a very young owl, Thinking of having a Captive Barn Owl, How to encourage other owl species, Other Downloads

Free information Leaflets

Wild Barn Owl conservation leaflets, Other Barn Owl information, Nestboxes for other owl species, Owl rehabilitation, Barn Owls in captivity, General information


Reports published by the Barn Owl Trust


Links to groups/individuals involved in Barn Owls, Links to sites about various owl species / birds of prey, Links to Bird/animal rehabilitation/keeping, Links to bird/wildlife/environmental and conservation websites, Links to national and local government websites, Links to pesticide / poisoning / product information websites, Links to Devon general interest websites, Links to zoo conservation websites, Links to selected international bird websites, Links to media (TV, radio etc) websites, Links to environmental jobs websites, Links to green roots (recycling) websites, Links to miscellaneous websites

Supporting the Trust

Become a friend of the Barn Owl Trust, Become an Owlet!, Adopt a Barn Owl, Giving a donation, Leaving a legacy, Do you have something we need?

Support a Project

Westmoor Barn Owl Scheme, Educational resources, Conservation work

On-line Shop

Nestboxes, Gift Ideas, Stationery and small items, Publications, Educational Items, Clothing, Greetings Cards & Postcards

Jobs & Volunteering

Administration Team Opportunities

Volunteering, Job vacancies

Conservation Team opportunities

Volunteering, Job vacancies

Do your own thing?

Legal Pages

Terms and Conditions, Privacy, Accessibility, Credits

Contacting us

The Barn Owl Trust is dedicated to conservation & education and does not operate a visitor centre.
Barn Owl Trust staff and volunteers
Waterleat, Ashburton, Devon TQ13 7HU
+44 (0) 1364 653026