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The Barn Owl Trust

Conserving the Barn Owl and its Environment

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Links to green roots (recycling) websites

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Website links for further information on going green

The following links will take you to the websites of organisations that have practical information on recycling or other green issues. We have found all of them useful and there are loads of other really good websites out there if you're interested in learning more. The first few are companies we deal with on a regular basis.

Rather than just list the links, we've added a bit of explanatory text to each one. Of course, we can't be held responsible for content and we don't necessarily endorse the views expressed within these sites.

We also can't guarantee that the links will always work!

Good luck!

Giveacar - Donate Your Scrap Car to the Barn Owl Trust

Every car has a value, whether it's roadworthy or only good for scrap. Giveacar is a social enterprise that allows you to donate your old car, just as you might donate possessions to a charity shop. Their goals are simple - to raise as much money as possible for registered charities and to recycle cars to the highest environmental standards.

The Barn Owl Trust has teamed up with Giveacar, the UK’s largest car donation service. Giveacar arranges the free collection of any car, regardless of its condition, anywhere in the UK. The process is very simple. When you call or email them, they will arrange a convenient time to send round a tow truck. Vehicles are picked up by the largest vehicle manufacturer approved car recycling network in the UK. They will pick up any car, at no cost to you.

Cars are either scrapped through an authorised treatment facility, and a donation to the Trust made based on the value of scrap metal, or put into an auction, and a donation made based on the price gained at auction.

If you have an old car this is a really good way to get rid of it and support the Trust at the same time. To donate a car to the Barn Owl Trust, please click here and it will take you to our page on the Giveacar website.


Stamps N All

Stamps N All raises funds for the Barn Owl Trust. You can send all your stamps, postcards, coins, watches, medals and any other memorabilia directly to this contact (make sure you say you want the BOT to benefit) or if you'd rather, to the Trust. Please note they don't want modern Christmas Cards - only pre 1940s Birthday Cards. A large collection box is available for organisations such as offices to put their used stamps (and other items) into. There is also one of these boxes in our local (Ashburton) Post Office. See the link on the right for more information. The Trust has recieved nearly £2,250 since August 2009 from Stamps N All. Other items not suitable for this service are also being sold by us on Ebay.


The Green Stationery Company

This company selects products that are environmentally benign or have environmental advantages over the standard stationery equivalents. The aim to maintain sustainable business practices within a culture that respects all life and honours its independence, and to ease their customers' path to a modern, low-impact office.


Recycling at home

This links to the DirectGov website recycling collection page where you put in your postcode and are taken to the site where your local faciities can be found - ours provides information on what can be recycled, local collection points and bin collection days.


This Wikepedia article contains useful information on why we should recycle mobile phones and other electronic items. Send your old phones to the Barn Owl Trust and take other electronic to your local recycling centre (see Recycling at home above for links to your local collection points). Please don't send electrical items to landfill as the heavy metals contained in thems can eventually leach into the groundwater.


Tetra Pak

Tetra Pak is a major supplier of beverage cartons in the UK. This link will take you to a map on their site to find out if they are collected as part of your household recycling or tell you about the nearest recycling bank in your area.



This site has loads of facts and information on recycling, composting and how things are recycled. If you put in your postcode it can tell you what can be collected from your doorstep and show you on a map where your nearest recycling bank is and what they take.

Garden organic has information on composting your household and garden waste.

Envocare - Recycling Computers

When your computer needs replacing what do you do with it? A good solution is to offer your obsolete computer and peripherals to recycling organisations, and in the process some firms will provide certification that they have been disposed of safely, within the law. If the devices are not too old there is every chance that they can be refurbished to help needy folks, the disabled, schools, voluntary organisations and the third-world countries.


Green Gate Bio Packaging

supplies eco-friendly disposable food packaging products to a wide range of customers throughout Europe. We like their disposable pizza plates made from waste sugar cane pulp.

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